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Long distance

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Long distance
Long distance
Long distance
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Why buy a rechargeable long distance phone card?

Dial Advantage phone card pincity phone card Enjoy Prepaid phone card
DialAdvantage Pincity EnjoyPrepaid

long distance advisor The advantage
is simple:

100% Portable
View Call Details
PINless Dialing
No Contracts
No Expiration
No Extra Fees
No Taxes
No Monthly Bills

USA Rate

From 3.9

USA to Canada From 4.0
Canada to USA From 6.9

Long distance rates

USA Rate

From 2.9

USA to Canada From 3.9
Canada to USA From 3.5

Long distance rates

USA Rate

From 1.9

USA to Canada From 1.9
Canada to USA From 4.9

Long distance rates


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