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Privacy Policy

At STAR69.NET:  Your privacy is very important to us. In fact, we believe strong personal privacy to be an integral component in the continued growth of the Internet, especially in the area of ecommerce.
Our customer’s privacy is essential for us to do business on the Internet and we take this very seriously.

At NO time, will your personal information ever be solicited, shared, sold, or neglected.
The only time your information is supplied to others, would be for the sole purpose of processing your request for service from our service providers in order to complete your transaction, or to forward a complaint or comment submitted by you to the proper person or company to help rectify your request.

At NO time, will your personal information be used by STAR69 for further contact for additional sales and or leads.
The only time you will be contacted by email from STAR69,  will be for the sole purpose of updating our current contact email address, or to inform you of changes to your current service.

STAR69  is one of the very few companies who do not believe in email or telemarketing solicitation. STAR69 receives all new clientele via search engine, outside advertisement, or client referral.

We are very strict on this policy, and at no time will this policy change.

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