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www.STAR69.NET opened up for business in February of 1997 & in August of 2004 we acquired www.STAR69.COM

We originally started out as a single page of 5 long distance plans and 3 phone cards to compare

Now 13 years later, we have grown considerably. STAR69 now has over 120 pages filled with over 500 long distance, phone card,
cellular, prepaid cellular & Internet service plans

To stay ahead of competition, we focus on service and selection

STAR69.NET was the 1st. and still the only website to offer a "Lowest Rate Guarantee" on our phone card rates via STARSEARCH

Our policy of answering each and every email from customers within 24 hours

A famous quote we found has great meaning:

To give real service you must add something
which cannot be bought or measured with money,
and that is sincerity and integrity"

-- Donald A. Adams

Our best advertising has been from word of mouth.  We are very thankful for all our clients who share their thoughts to others about us

We would like to personally thank you again for coming to www.STAR69.NETwww.STAR69.COM  for your calling needs.
We appreciate your visit, and value your business with us

Jim Fabian
Customer Support Desk

Fred Farren
Donating thier time as West Coast Field Sales


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